Currently Accepting Influencer Inquiries

Frequency99, Inc. is a world-class publishing company with over forty books published and several bestsellers. We currently have a limited number of slots available in our Influencer program.

If you currently produce unique videos for YouTube or another platform and have over ten thousand subscribers, we can help you monetize your content by adding a co-authored series of books.

Frequency99 assigns a best-selling author to turn your video content into compelling and interesting book content. You are listed as the primary author, maintain ownership of the materials, and receive up to a 30% commission on book sales.

We handle all the other work or writing the book (under your approvals), editing, marketing media, book cover, formatting, and publishing. You agree to introduce your books to your subscriber base and highlight them in your videos to drive sales.

The strategy is to create a series of books based upon the evolution of your video content.

As an example, if you had a video viewed by 100,000 people and 10% purchased one of your books, you could receive up to an additional $30,000 in revenue from the materials. Further, books sell for years, and people who find your books tend to be very open to purchasing additional books in a series.

Frequency99 handles all production costs. Outside of an initial retainer, all subsequent books in a series are funded from the sales of prior books.

Please contact us at for more information.