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Brotherhood of the Sun Dragon

  • #1 in Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Literary Fiction
  • #1 in Action Thriller Fiction

Drive Faster

  • #1 in Action Thriller Fiction
  • #1 in Conspiracy Thrillers

Panama Red

  • #1 in War & Military Action Fiction
  • #1 in Action Thriller Fiction


  • #1 in U.S. Historical Fiction
  • #1 in New Age Divination with Prophecy

The Smalls

  • #1 in Religious Historical Fiction
  • #1 in Occult Suspense

Asha of Atlantis

  • #1 in Fantasy Adventure Fiction
  • #1 in Action & Adventure Short Stories

The Bigs

  • #1 in Mythology & Folk Tales
  • #1 in Paranormal & Urban Fantasy


  • #1 in Western Science Fiction
  • #1 in Inspirational Religious Fiction

Skulls of Atlantis

  • #1 in Fantasy Adventure Fiction
  • #1 in Action & Adventure Short Stories

New Book with Jon Levi @jonlevichannel

Evidence of the Old World" offers a groundbreaking re-examination of historical architecture and urban landscapes, challenging conventional wisdom through rigorous academic scrutiny. Utilizing multidisciplinary insights, this book unravels hidden complexities in history, providing a compelling read for anyone intrigued by the untold stories behind our built environment. Impeccably researched, it serves as an essential guide for questioning and understanding the narratives that have shaped our world.


RUN FASTER: Oldman Lasher Book #1

When Dirk Lasher, a retired special ops agent skilled in jungle warfare, learns his estranged grandfather has disappeared into Alaska's majestic yet perilous wilderness, he's thrust into a harrowing quest that risks everything he holds dear. As he delves deeper into a world shadowed by hidden agendas and powerful adversaries, Dirk must reconcile his complex past and put everything on the line to save a man he hardly knows. "Run Faster" is a gripping thriller that plunges readers into a high-stakes chase where trust is scarce and danger lurks at every turn.

Run Faster: Because in Alaska, the Cold Isn't the Only Thing That Can Kill You

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