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Caught between a deadly jungle and a rogue unit, Dirk Lasher must rely on his training to save lives and stop a global threat. In the unforgiving jungles of the Darién Gap, survival isn't just about escaping predators—it's about facing the ghosts of your past and the enemies of your present. Dirk Lasher is about to find out just how deadly both can be.

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In 'Savage,' Dirk Lasher is a former military intelligence operative who thought his days of danger were behind him. But when a crash landing in the treacherous Darién Gap reveals a deadly conspiracy involving a rogue special ops unit and a threat to global security, Dirk must confront his past and fight for his future. With the help of a new generation of soldiers, Dirk navigates the deadly jungle, faces relentless enemies, and uncovers secrets that could change everything. 'Savage' is a gripping tale of survival, loyalty, and the unyielding human spirit.

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