Just Released! April 20, 2022

What if there were a place on earth that matched Plato's description of Atlantis to a scientifically proven 99.32% accuracy?
What if multiple historical documents corroborate the location?
What if NASA satellite images were found that provided undeniable visual evidence?

These are no longer 'what ifs'; instead, they are actual facts. The confirmation is available in David Edward's new book: Atlantis Solved, The Final Definitive Proof.

Atlantis has always intrigued us, but it has eluded professional and academic researchers and explorers for centuries.

Many have claimed to have found it, but always with a caveat. Always needing to tweak modern or historical data for the theory to fit. Constantly spinning here and there to force the discoveries into a genuinely historical narrative. Sometimes dismissing elements of the historical record. Sometimes adding convoluted explanations. Sometimes misinterpreting words on purpose for a better fit.

Never with convincing answers supported by objective and easily observable facts.

There have been innumerable books, TV shows, podcasts, lectures, seminars, articles, and feature-length movies about Atlantis. These devices have shown research and offered speculation about Atlantis's existence and location. Often gleefully rehashing every possible already disproven piece of conjecture, wild theory, or guesswork, time and again.

But they have always fallen short, never an accurate fit. Repeatedly ignoring Plato's description or claiming parts of it were obscured in translation. Picking this fact and that detail, not able to propose a thesis that embraces all of the data at once.

Except for Jimmy Corsetti. A US Army vet who found it for real in 2018 using satellite images.

In this new explosive book, Dr. David Edward Lady (writing as David Edward) presents the final piece of the puzzle: building on the work of Jimmy Corsetti and his Bright Insight videos and providing legitimate, undisputable authentication for Corsetti's discoveries and thesis.

Using meticulous, exhaustive research, David Edward has independently verified the location and expanded the discovery with final fragments of never-before considered missing information needed to put the puzzle together. Data hiding in plain sight; linking historical records to indisputable modern observable facts.

In this shocking new analysis, Plato was not the first to write down a historical account of Atlantis and its citizens. Other prominent and trusted Greeks wrote works that integrate and support Plato's assertions nearly a century before Plato's time. There are also non-Greek records substantiating the claims of Plato.